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Showing 1 - 12 of 142 items


  • Love & Lucky charms
    Offering a golden jewel to declare his love is obvious : a timeless heart pendant with or without real hot enamel, a cupid jewel?
    COMMELIN also offers a wide range of lucky charms:  4-leaf clover, horseshoe, monkeys of Wisdom, and so on.
    The choice is great.
  • Crosses & Symbols
    Looking for a beautiful Southern cross, a masonic symbol or just a Huguenot cross?
    COMMELIN offers 750 gold nice pendants made in Paris.
  • Napoléon
    Napoleon collectors will find some specific gold jewelry pendants : a cocked hat, an imperial eagle, a grave or a bust, entirely made in France.
  • Weapons
    Owning a gun is not a crime if it is a golden jewel: rifle, pistol, dagger, axe. COMMELIN gives you the opportunity to create an original and beautiful collection of charms.
  • legendary Aircraft
    Lovers of mythic planes will appreciate the gold 750 charms dedicated to the world of aviation: the Spirit of Saint Louis, the Caravelle and of course the legendary Concorde.
  • Childhood memories
    You want a jewel that evokes the world of childhood: a fairytale carriage, a cartoon character, a teddy bear or Pierrot in the moonlight? The collection of COMMELIN's pendants is extensive and the French manufacturing know how is impeccable.
  • vintage Keys
    Key charms are trendy. COMMELIN offers a collection of ancient and modern keys, padlocks, in yellow or white gold.
  • Unusual items
    Looking for a police officer's whistle charm, a guillotine, a gold nugget or a GI's helmet? Or an articulated skull? COMMELIN had the idea to create a full range of unusual pendants , all of them made in France.
  • Jewish symbols
    COMMELIN is well known for its 750 gold pendants representing the major Jewish symbols: the star of David, the menorah, the Talmud, the Chai, the tablets of the Law.
  • Zodiac
    A gold pendant representing a zodiac sign is a safe bet.
    The quality of each 750 gold zodiac jewel made by COMMELIN is recognized.
    100% made in France.