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Showing 1 - 12 of 131 items


  • Fine Arts, Dance & Games
    You often go to the ballet or the museum?
    You prefer the casino for playing cards or the roulette?
    All whishes come true.
    Each jewel is made with care in the parisian workshop.
  • Music
    You play the piano?
    You often go to the concert to listen to guitar or harp?
    The COMMELIN musical jewel collection is well known.
    It should pleased you.

  • Food & Wine
    You love French cook and wines?
    Champagne, Bordeaux ou Burgundy wines?
    Just have a look, COMMELIN's wine charms offer the opportunity to be excessive!
  • Paris
    Paris, the city of lights, fascinates and attracts more and more people.
    COMMELIN will offer you the oppotunity to buy the Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame or the Sacré Coeur.
    All Paris charms are made in Paris!
  • France
    France is well known for its wonderful landscapes, its history with its famous churches and castles and its inimitable way of life.
    The cathedral of Strasbourg, the Mont Saint Michel abbey, the hat of Nice or the Corsica map : make your choice.
    All jewels are French charms made in France.
  • A round the world trip
    You want to go on a journey? At the end of the world or not so far?
    COMMELIN does it all : your suitcase, your camera, your sunglasses and you are ready to leave to discover the little mermaid, the chinese pagodas, the cedars of Lebanon or the gondolas in Venice.
    No matter your destination, each charm is made in France.
  • Napoleon
    Ever heard about Napoleon?
    Yes, of course!
    You want to buy his cocked hat? His imperial eagle? His grave? Or anything else?
    All the French jewellery knowledge for this famous character.
  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette is the last Queen of France.
    She is adored in the whole world.
    Commelin imagined a cheerfull enamelled collection of roses and ribbons jewels.
  • the fleur de lis,...
    The fleur de lis is the symbol of the Kings of France.
    The most famous one is the fleur de lis of the Bourbon dynasty.
    The oldest one is that of King Saint Louis.
    These charms are 18K gold, made in Paris.