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Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items


  • at the Seaside
    By choosing a 18K gold seaside charm made by COMMELIN in Paris, you will never forget your last vacation at the seaside :
    seahorse, scallop, crab pendant? Whatelse?
  • in the Mountains
    If you are in love with the mountains, you will find a wide assortment of COMMELIN's gold pendants that reminds you of the snowy peaks : luge, chalet, flake and other gold jewellery.
  • in the Countryside
    Looking for a rose pendant? A clover gold charm?
    COMMELIN's gold jewellery offers a wide range of flora jewels.
  • Horse Riding
    COMMELIN is the jewel specialist for 18K horseriding charms : horseshoe, stirrup, strap.
    All the jewellery is made in Paris.
  • Golf & Tennis
    Looking for a gold lucky charm before playing : a golf or a tennis ball? A golf bag?
    COMMELIN' collection is very close to reality.
    May be you will win?
  • Water Sports
    You're fond of sailing? Of diving?
    COMMELIN offers gold pendants refering to your hobby : helm, anchor, flipper, ...
  • other Sports
    You like boxing, fencing, archery or cycling?
    COMMELIN manufactures jewels for lovers of sport : boxing glove, bicycle, motorcyle, parachute, ... 100% made in France.