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Showing 1 - 12 of 106 items


  • Cats & Dogs
    Rather Dog or Cat?
    Your favorite pet is a playful cat, a labrador, a german shepherd?
    Regardless, each jewel is a 18K pendant made in Paris.
  • Insects
    The lightness of the butterfly, the intelligence of the bee, the beauty of the cicada, this is the fascinating world of the insects. Each jewel is a 18K gold charm, respecting the rules of ancestral fabrication.
  • Birds
    Birds are the symbol for Freedom.
    That's why, owl, dove, parrot, pelican and so many other species gave the mankind the urge to fly.
    These bird charms are entirely made in the COMMELIN workshop in Paris.
  • Horses
    Horses are man's best friends.
    Since the very beginning, the complicity beetween man and horse was part of History.
    Each horse charm is made in the COMMELIN workshop in Paris.
  • Animals from Here
    Everybody has seen a snail, a frog, a hedgehog or a squirrel.
    These are the animals from our part of the world.
    There are often playing a role in our children tales.
    COMMELIN makes these lovely gold pendants using its expertise.
  • Animals from other...
    Not anybody can meet a lion, a giraffe or a rhinoceros.
    COMMELIN offers you the possibility to buy your own elephant, monkey, bear or kangaroo.
    Why not?
    Each jewel uses the knowledge of the French Jewelry.