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Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items


  • Crosses
    COMMELIN has designed different 18K gold cross pendants with precious enamels, remeniscent of the gorgeous colors of the stained glass windows of the cathedrals from the Middle Ages..
  • Virgins & Angels
    COMMELIN has designed beautiful religious medals that combine virgins and angels with magnificient stained glass windows.
    Each pendant is made of 750 gold and precious enamels.
    To offer during baptisms, communions or milestones of life.
  • Enamelled Medals
    The gold and enamelled medals made by COMMELIN are fine jewelry to offer on the occasion of a baptism, a communion or any other important milestone of life. Among the collections are contemporary or more traditional models, a important choice is offered.
    Each jewel is entirely made in the parisian workshop of COMMELIN.
  • Jewish symbols
    COMMELIN has designed very exquisite 18K gold pendants featuring a Star of David.
    Each piece is unique as hand enamelled.
  • Muslim symbols
    COMMELIN has designed precious enamelled 18K gold pendants featuring a hand of Fatma.
    Each piece is unique, hand enamelled.