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  • Notre Dame
    Notre Dame de Paris has watched over the city since the 12th century.
    Each year, millions of people from the whole world come to admire the gorgeous stained glass windows.
    The Notre Dame collection by COMMELIN is inspired by the most famous stained glasses of the cathedral.
    100% made in France, in Paris.
  • Chartres
    The stained glasses of Notre-Dame de Chartres are considered as the most complete and best preserved sets of the medieval era.
    Every year thousands of visitors come to admire the vibrant colors.
    COMMELIN was inspired by these unique colors to make gold and precious enamelled medals.
  • Sainte Chapelle
    The windows of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris are beautiful.
    COMMELIN was inspired by their color and shape to propose enamelled gold stained glass pendants that recall the vivid colors of the church of King Saint Louis, all of them is made in France in Paris.
  • Strasbourg
    Located in the heart of Europe, the cathedral of Strasbourg is the most visited after Notre Dame de Paris. COMMELIN was inspired by the typanum to create a delicate enamelled gold medal.
  • Mont Saint Michel
    The Mont Saint Michel abbey is known throughout the world.
    COMMELIN makes enamelled gold medals inspired by this unique site.
    Each of them is made in the parisian workshop.
  • Other cathedrals
    The great Gothic cathedrals from the Middle Ages are famous for the gorgeous colors of the stained glass windows. The collections medailles vitrail by COMMELIN evoke this glorious history.